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COMAC signs deal to sell 300 aircraft to HNA Group
date: 2018.06.06

Chinese conglomerate HNA Group and the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) signed a strategic cooperation agreement on aircraft procurement, operation and maintenance in Shanghai on June 2.
Under the agreement, HNA Group plans to gradually introduce 100 new ARJ21 and 200 C919 airplanes from COMAC.
The two sides will work together to build the country's regional aviation network. They also agreed to jointly promote the Chinese-made civil aircraft in and out of the Chinese market, especially in Belt and Road countries.
HNA Group will use the aircraft to develop an African regional market with its subsidiary, Africa World Airways, in Ghana.
Meanwhile, both sides will strengthen cooperation in aircraft maintenance, material support and special personnel training, with the aim of building a domestic aircraft service support system. 

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